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 The Rules for the Forum

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PostSubject: The Rules for the Forum   Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:50 pm

OK-Simple matter. We have a website, and some people are mean on the internet. Logically, you can assume we have a set of rules, yes? Well, if you were thinking that, you were thinking too hard, however you're correct. The rules are as follows:
1.No double posting
We have this rule for two reasons-One, so people can't cheat to get thier post count up, and two so you don't end up cluttering the forum.

2.Don't be a thwat-monkey(Jerk/Jack-*** in american.)
In other words, show some respect for others. We're not asking you to lie down and kiss their feet, we're asking that you show some common decency. This en-cmpasses cyber-bullying as well, we won't have that.

3.Don't argue with power OR BE SMITED
Don't argue with the person with power's decision. If they have power they were obviously given it for a reason. No, we won't actually smite you. However, if you want, we will.

4.Keep cursing light
Try to keep cursing to a minimum. Lots of people came here to roleplay, not to hear you people cursing like Sailors.

5.PG-13 folks, PG-13
Keep things at a PG-13 level. You can do rated R stuff, but when things are about to happen, fade to black. With the other person's consent however, you may RP what happened during that fade to black via PM.

6.No multiple accounts. We'll smite the second one.
No multiple accounts. Not only is it for newbs but it's cheap and a potential way to avoid a ban later. So we won't have any of it.

7.Don't try poking holes in the rules
If you discover a lopp-hole in the rules, report it to an admin or mod immideatley. And if you attempt you use a loop hole, it will be patched up, and whatever medium you used it on will be deleted.
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The Rules for the Forum
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