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 Australian supersoldier, Griffin Ripley, Jr.

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PostSubject: Australian supersoldier, Griffin Ripley, Jr.   Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:46 pm

Name: Griffin Ripley, Jr.
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Appearance: Griffin isn’t a drop dead hot guy, but he gets his fair share of the ladies because of his looks. He’s 6’1” and weighs just over 190 pounds. That weight is almost all muscle. Griffin wears tight fitting t-shirts and cargo pants at most times. He has quite a few weapons in various locations on his body (see weapons). He has short black hair that is usually accompanied by a bandana around his forehead.
Powers: None, although Griffin is at a peak physical condition, has an uncanny ability to avoid traps, and is the most determined person on earth when it comes to looking death in the eye and surviving.
Weapons: Get ready, this is a long list.
-Maghook: Griffin’s signature weapon. This is, essentially, a grappling gun. The grappling hook is magnetized though, making it stick to any magnetic surface and not require the magnet to hook on anything.
-Deagle (Commonly known as Desert Eagle): Griffin took his good friend, the Desert Eagle, and amped it up. With a flashlight, a laser sight, and a compartment containing a small amount of C2 (Like C4’s little brother), the already powerful pistol was transformed into super-pistol. Griffin rarely uses it though, preferring to save the bullets for bigger threats than most of the people he faces.
-Kabar Military knife: Griffin keeps two of these on him at all times. One is in a sheath on his belt, and the other is hidden in the sole of his boot.
-Anything: Griffin is an expert in disarming maneuvers in close-quarters combat. He is a skilled fighter with any weapon, and has been able to use sniper rifles, swords, pistols, slingshots (Don't ask.), and his fists.
Superhero/Villain?: The only thing close to a ‘costume’ that Griffin wears is his bandana. Some would call him a hero, but he is seen by the United States of America as a obstacle, and is thus labeled a criminal.
Occupation: Saving the flippin’ world.
Universe: Marvel
History: Get ready for another long one...
Griffin Ripley, Jr. was born in the United States of America to his father, a former U.S. marine with amazing fighting abilities, and his mother who had moved from Australia to be with his father. Griffin grew up as a defiant young kid with a small hatred toward his father. Griffin often saw his father beat his mother, so it was no surprise when she picked Griffin up from school one day and took him to the airport. An hour or so later they were on a plane to Australia. For the next few years, Griffin and his mother lived at a cattle ranch in the outback. Working at the ranch made Griffin stronger than he was in the States. When he was 18, he moved away and contacted his father for the first time in almost a decade. His father had remarried and his wife had given birth to Griffin’s half-brother about two years after Griffin’s mother had fled the country. It was obvious that his father carried little about what happened to Griffin, and the conversation ended with him hanging up on his father in anger. Griffin joined the Australian army soon after this. He became a good soldier, far better than his father, and was ranked the fourth best soldier worldwide by the Pentagon. He was the only non-American on the list. Griffin often went back to the U.S. for war games and friendly competitions between countries. In almost everyone he was a victor at a few events...at the least. Griffin was approached by the head of Iona squad, a powerful and secretive force in the military and asked to join their forces after one of these competitions. Griffin refused and the man simply walked away. A year later, during the Desert Shield and Storm operations, Griffin found his Australian force combined with Iona squad for a joint operation. The mission was to infiltrate the base of a terrorist. It would be an easy mission, and Iona squad never forgets an insult. All of the Australian squad was killed except for Griffin. Griffin vowed revenge on Iona and spent the next few years tracking them down. In the end he faced the new leader of Iona...his half brother! His "brother" was a brute, at least 220 pounds and 6'6". He made Griffin look like a toddler. Unfortunately, Griffin's half-brother was not as smart as he was big. Griffin killed him in hand-to-hand combat after wearing him down. With his mission of vengeance complete, Griffin resigned from the Australian military and returned to his cattle farm in the outback.
Personality: Griffin is loyal. According to his father, he's too loyal. He often times lets personal feelings get in the way. He has a strict no killing rule when it comes to most things. His motto is "You don't kill people that are doing their jobs, only the people trying to kill you." and he lives by that rule. Griffin is determined, and has escaped certain death countless times with his quick thinking and reflexes.
Karmic Rank: Neutral. More on the good side though.
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PostSubject: Re: Australian supersoldier, Griffin Ripley, Jr.   Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:12 pm

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Australian supersoldier, Griffin Ripley, Jr.
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