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 Heroes vs Villains

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PostSubject: Heroes vs Villains   Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:41 pm

It's sad to see that this site never seemed to come alive before becoming inactive, as the plotline was very interesting. Therefore, I would like to extend an invitation to another Supers RP, in which I run, and has been active for some time now. We aren't going anywhere Smile

The site is called Heroes vs. Villains. It's a site for people to RP as super heroes or villains. You get to create your very own set of 10 powers. Once that set is approved you get to make your own character as well, aligning them with the Heroes or the Villains.
The characters can travel through the various districts. Whether your character likes to gamble at North's Casino, party at East's Club, maybe you'd like to race at the Marcone Speedway (Still a W.I.P.). There is also the Coliseum in South. Where tournaments are held for players to participate in Player vs. Player combat to the death for prizes and glory. (Don't worry, we have a revival system too.)

If you wish to know more here's the link.

We're friendly and welcoming, with helpful mods, and a friendly community. I wish you well.
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Heroes vs Villains
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