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 The store!

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PostSubject: The store!   Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:25 pm

First things first-Currency, you can't have a store without a form of money.We use words. Basicly, for every word you put in an IC post, you get 1 word. Simple, yes? You buy things with words. They are as follows:

Extra Character Slot-10,000 Words

Imortality(One character)-1,000,000

SMITING-Free, but it deletes your account.

Pat on the back-10 words, a completely pointless waste of words.

PM an admin with your request. If accepted, the admin will go into your account and subtract the nessasary amount from your word total, wich you will list in your siggy.

More will come soon, provided our idea-thingys start working again.
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The store!
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