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 Character Creation Do's and Dont's(WIP)

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PostSubject: Character Creation Do's and Dont's(WIP)   Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:47 pm

Okay, in this section I will be laying down the law for things I should and shouldnt see in character creation, wether it be in terms of powers, race or somthing else. So,lets get started, shall we?

No overpowered telekenisis. If your character can throw buildings with his mind, you have an overpowered character.

No overpowered abilites in general. This is more of a mod/admin disgression one. If a mod sees it as overpowered, they'll discuss it with you.

There isnt really anything you HAVE to do in this section. Go crazy.

NO Kryptonians! They are VASTLY too powerful.

No making up races unless given admin aprovall.

Nothing required here, you just have to have a race.
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Character Creation Do's and Dont's(WIP)
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