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 ~The Story~

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PostSubject: ~The Story~   Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:50 pm

In the Marvel Universe, it was a dark night in New York city. But somthing far darker was brewing in Oscop Tower. Norman Osborn was working on an omnicesent computer, able to know all. Little did he know, as he did this, he tapped into dimensonal energies-A power far beyond his control. Eventually, as he was still programming the computer, a single message popped up.
-Hey? What is this thing? Is it what we ordered to kill the bat? Frankie, call Joker.-
"What the hell?" Norman started keying in command codes to see what the hell was happening. Then another message came.
-Woah! It talks! And...Hey, Jokers here!- In a differnt font the computer said,
-Ooh! A computer. You called my over for a computer!? You morons.*Gunshot*. Well, that wasn't a funny death.I'll laugh anyways! HA HA HA!-
"Umm...Hello? This is Norman Osborn...Who are you?"
-Osborn? Never heard of you. Me? You don't know who I am? The clown prince of crime? JOKER!-
"Listen, you start making some sense, or I'll have Smytes robots and Kingpins goons all over you!"
-Unless 'The Kingpin' is Luthor, and Toyman is 'Smyte' I have no idea who you're talking about. Well, look at this...Acordding to my...'Borrowed' records you don't exist! Who are you, really?-
"NORMAN OS-Wait a minute...Is it even possible?..."
-What is it, tight panties?-
"I think, according to some complex calculations, we could be dealing some inter-dimensonal stuff. It's truly amazing."
-Well, that would explain this glowing portal that the computer was spat out of.-
Norman cocked his brow quizzically, and scanned the room to see if he had an identical portal. He infact did, located on the far wall. He pulled his i-Phone out of his pocket, the one he had been using before the Oz-Phone of his own design came out, and chucked it through the portal. He quickly turned to the computer to see what it said.
-OW! What the hell was that? It looks like a phone! Im going to teach that portal a lesson-
Norman felt his throat choking up with fear. This guy sounded like a madman, and for all he knew, could have the strength to match it. He pulled a gun out of his desk, and coked it. He shakliy pointed it towards the portal. Suddenly, there was a man. Well, calling this guy a 'man' would sell short how strange he was. His haird was green, and his skin was pure white. He wore white gloves, and orange shirt coupled with a purple jacket, plus a clown flower. He had on a crazy bigger than possible grin outlined in red.
"SO! What bright idea was throwing a phone at me?" The strange man said.
"Wh-Who are you? What are you doing in Oscorp tower?"Norman slowly backed up, keeping his gun up.
"You don't know who I am? Me, the clwon prince of-"
"WAIT A MINUTE!" Shouted Norman, lowering his weapon,"We've had this coversation before. You're the joker. I'm Norman, Norman Osborn."
"Ozzy! Well, you've got a nice place here! Mind if I bring the family? Come on in Harley!" Joker called the last bit through the portal.
"Comin' mister J!" A rather high-pitched girl's voice could be heard faintly from the portal. Seconds later, and insanley dresed yet very pretty girl came prancing out follow be a string of meat head thugs wearing clown masks, she appered to be in some sort of jester outfit.
Osborn looked at them closely. It was hard to belive this was happening. It was as if logic's grounder was destroyed by the making of this computer. He turned and flicked on the TV, wondering if other equally strange events were occuring. They were caught in the middle of a news broadcast. "-and so, all across Manhattan and...-Just coming to me now-apparently all across the world, there are strange portal appering from no where...And stranger people are coming out...Oh my god what is that thing it's some kind of robot? Is it from Stark industires? And-HOLY @%$# is that the Hulk!? RAAAAAAAR!" Norman quickly flicked off the tv. Somthing bad was starting.
"Well, Ozzy, looks like somthing is starting. Between your universe's Heroes and mine's villans. Hell, my heroes will probably work with yours against your villains. But is looks like..."
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~The Story~
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