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 Matteo Alacran

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PostSubject: Matteo Alacran   Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:59 pm

Name:Matteo Alacran(Night)
Apperance:Matt his long-ish pitch-black hair. He has white skin, and sea green eyes.He has a fairly muscular build, the body of an acrobat. He likes wearing jeans,and does so often.(Costumed form:He wears two layers of kevlar, complete with stab plates. Over this he wears a home made, fire prooflong sleeved shirt with the isigna of a cresent moon on it. He also wears home-made black pants that are also fire-retardant. He wears a full-mask colored black, the only opening is the eyeholes which he covers with a special material that acts as a one way glass he can see through one end, but others can't see his eyes. He also wears a cape.)
Weapons:One Telescoping pole of reinfoced steel, two SigSaucer hand guns, and one rifle.
Superhero/Villian?: Costumed Superhero
Occupation:Self-employed gymnastics teacher.
History:Matt was born into an average family middle-class, average possesion nothing out of character. Matt was born in Queens, Newyork. He was very interested in the superheroes that inhabited his realm. From the Mighty Thor, to The Invincible Iron Man. He particuarly likws Hawkeye and Black Widow they were normal people who did extra-ordinary things to help the genral populus. He lead a normal life til' high-school. He was attending Midtown High, and he saw a kid, Peter Parker was his name, he vaugely remembered him from Connor's class getting the living crap beat out of him by Flash Tomson. After Peter walked away, he tried standing up to Flash telling him what he was doing was wrong. He walked home that day with a black eye and a bloody nose. Once he got home, he was horrified to see his home had been broken into. They took everything. They shot his mom and dad before they knew what was happening, they died instasntly. He sort of snapped that day. He was moved to his grand parents house deep in the city. Thats when he started training. At the age of twenty he managed to reach his peak human physical condition. He waited two years crafting his costume studying criminals observing how they fought. He took up fencing to help him use the steel pole he was crafting. He took up acrobatics and numerous forms of karate as well, training himself for the fights to come. At age 22 he was ready-Thats when the portals started showing up...
Personality:Matt is very dark and brooding. He just doesn't get along with people. He usually keeps to himself, unless he has to work with a team. He doesn't like others that much and knows that he can't trust anyone. He usually sits alone in his room, meditating, and practicing martial arts. He usually has a 'today is good day to die' attitude. He does not fear death. He is very willing to give his life to a good cause. He has come to terms with his mortality but he knows that when he dies he will go out fighting. Even though he's not a people person, he tries to protect whoever he can. He also pushes himself to hard.He also has a strong sense of right and wrong.
Karamatic Rank:Good
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PostSubject: Re: Matteo Alacran   Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:01 pm

This looks good. Approved.
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Matteo Alacran
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